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Our Collaborations
A P2P C2B lending service for the unbanked. Its mission is to make credit more readily available and affordable for the unbanked or underbanked, starting in Southeast Asia. Read the Hero blog post to discover the details of our collaborative onsite session.
A protocol for decentralized gambling applications with gradual onboarding roadmap of existing pre-DLT online gambling services, from adopting a new payment processing instrument to fully trustless, decentralized gambling, with retention of the existing pre-DLT UX.
IT Sistemos
A DLT platform for trustless, zero-knowledge sharing of ML models and datasets for the purposes of training, evaluating, and providing models, as well as using, sharing, and evaluating datasets, with minimal leakage of the actual information beyond its owner.
A horizontally scalable blockchain framework for enterprise customers, integratable with a network of interoperable heterogenous blockchain networks based on the same protocol, including a public permissionless network.
An open-source platform for dApps and integrated Web3 solutions, aiming to enable a transparent web. The collaboration is a part of the fourth batch of the projects supported under the Waves Grants program.