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We can help you with the instruments you have never heard of to achieve things you didn't think were possible
8 year of experience in digital venture consulting. Trend-watcher & business model strategist. Firmly believes that innovations are born in the convergence of disciplines.
Alexandra Vachnadze
CEO & Сo-founder
Who we are
We are a tight team of researchers, strategists, and digital integrators, driven by a passion for great ideas and innovation. We combine expertise in technology, finance, consulting, and business strategy to design and facilitate production of innovative, efficient market-ready solutions.
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8 years in software development. Blockchain researcher since 2014. Believes in functional programming, decentralized finance, and careful alignment of incentives.
Alexander Bokhenek
CTO & Сo-founder
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Digital producer, researcher, analyst and writer. Psycholinguist inspired by technological breakthroughs, trustless communication in noise, and decentralized future.
Aleksandra Nik
Information designer
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DLT researcher and advisor since 2016: from state-of-the-art cryptography and distributed protocols, to mechanism design and incentives in economic systems. Strong believer in privacy and personal agency above all.
Ivan Kamakin
Blockchain Scientist
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Visionary entrepreneur, dedicated to transforming the world of digital finance and decentralization, fostering innovation and growth in the tech landscape.
Nick Marshansky
CMO & Сo-founder
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A passionate learner of financial markets. Global Macro researcher and financial technology advisor. Believes in coalition between TradFi & DeFi.
Varvara Shershneva

Word of mouth

What it's like to work with us?
Take it from those who come back:

Republic, Managing Director

From prototyping, to economic modelling to coding – the guys show an incredible technical grasp and excellence. They are competent, responsive, and always up-to-date – a good partner anyone can safely rely on. With robust research and comprehensive due diligence they are sure to offer fresh perspective on how to strengthen even the most technically complicated projects.

Visionary mindset and precise execution, — that's how I'd describe Alexandra. She sees the whole picture, down to the tiny details, and carves a path to deliver results swiftly and efficiently. The thorough and holistic approach Alexandra takes has helped me a number of times to look at things from a new angle. Adding to that strong communication skills and a great personality, — I'm grateful to have her in my network, and look forward to working with her again.

Clovr Labs, co-Founder & CxO
When I was first introduced to Alex I wondered: 'who's this guy with a sense of humor on Telegram?'. Later on I got to discover a sharp, focused individual that didn't feel the urge of cutting corners just to get a project over the fence. Besides an outstanding comprehension of all things Ethereum and beyond, his proposals always took into account both short and long term considerations, which isn't that at all common. A great professional to work with.

ART21, Innovation Manager
My experience working with Byzantine.Solutions team was pretty amazing.
I really appreciate multisector expertise of the team and am thankful for not only achieving all the goals on time but also consulting and advising on side topics. Together we've succeeded to develop technical documentation for the unique data privacy centered network and also conducted feasibility experiments. So once again, great job, Byzantine.Solutions! Looking forward for the new quests to solve together with you.

Our publications

ReDeFine 2020: Where decentralization meets finance
Mapping out DeFi — a heavily under-researched cutting-edge industry based on novel technology
DeFi in Eth 2.0 and migrations
A brief on what 3 major renovations geared towards Eth 2.0 that will span over the next 2 years mean for DeFi and what to make of it
EY Nightfall: Timber
Breaking down EY Nightfall — a second-layer private transaction framework with zk-proofs
and off-chain transaction processing
Ethereum Storage Rent:
What should we expect?
Clarifying the design and motivation behind blockchain rent: why we need it and how it works
Current state of MPC in
privacy-preserving ML
On multi-party computation protocols — one of the hottest current topics in cryptography
Distributed Ledgers: Age of Scale
An essay on blockchain scalability with thoughts on how can blockchain systems become powerful enough for a global audience
Coming soon: [your_choice]
Decentralised systems live by the activity of each and every one of its elements. If you have something in mind for us to research, do tell!

Our Collaborations

Some of the outstanding projects
we had the pleasure to work with:


  • A standing partnership with Republic Advisory Services, the crypto arm of Republic, a leading equity investment platform in the US. Byzantine Solutions is an expert partner on the topics of blockchain research and tokenomics modeling.

  • The first fintech bank targeting underserved high-risk clientele: startups, crypto businesses, digital-nomad entrepreneurs and freelancers. We undertook a comprehensive field study of the existent regtech solutions and frameworks to give an unbiased view on the bank’s compliance pipeline design.
  • We implemented an escrow service for payments on Waves blockchain, using the recently published RIDE smart contract language. The service is an open-source web application integrated with Waves Keeper for a fully trustless interaction cycle with the blockchain. The collaboration is a part of the fourth batch of the projects supported under the Waves Grants program.
  • We are development advisors for the third-generation DeFi project — a Solana-based leveraged liquidity provision dApp Alf Protocol. We helped the team develop token design, tokenomics, and architectural solutions to fit the benchmarks set.
  • Thunder Lands is a virtual gaming metaverse set in the genre of Dark Fantasy, combining classic MMORPG and modern blockchain technologies.
  • Faraway is a platform for player-driven universes with 2M+ Faraway players fighting 92k

    battles every day. The developer launched the first live multiplayer game on Solana — an open economy shooter Mini Royale Nations 

  • A DLT platform for trustless, zero-knowledge sharing of ML models and datasets for training and execution. Byzantine Solutions is filling the roles of principal investigator and architect of the product. The scope of our works includes internal research, collaborative research, and product design, up to providing the technical specification for a production-ready platform.
  • A public blockchain network with horizontal scalability, based on custom combination of Proof-of-Stake mechanisms and a number of unique architectural choices. We performed a Technical Due Diligence on the protocol and protocol documentation, together with an interview with the project’s CRO.
  • The first integrated provider of trading data and liquidity for private round tokens. In collaboration with the project's team we conducted market research, created a comprehensive project description and, upon client's request, also explored the possibilities of integration into the Cosmos ecosystem